NameOTV-DC20 H.264 HDMI/HD-SDI/VGA IPTV Streaming Media Decoder
Brand Name:Dibview
Model Number:OTV-DC20
Product Name:SDI IPTV Streaming Media Decoder
Video Output Interface:1SD/HD/3G SDI,1DVI-I (compatible with HDMI/DVI and VGA
HDMI Type:1.3
DVI Type:1.0
Video decoding:H.264
Audio decoding:AAC-LC / G.711 (aLaw / uLaw)
Decoding delay:≤200ms
Media transmission protocols:RTP/RTSP RTP unicast/multicast, RTMP

Product Description


OTV-DC20 HDMI/HD-SDI/VGA Streaming Media Decoder is a network (IP) HD video decoder with high performance. OTV-DC20 could get IP-Camera from network, stream media server or stream media on OTT-EC serial encoder (based on RTSP, RTP unicast or multicast, then outputs video and audio to SDI and HDMI/VGA/DVI through self-adaptive decoding. OTV-DC20 supports SDI signals including HD-SDI (1.485G) standard and 3G-SDI (2.97G), supporting 720p, 1080i and 1080p (maximum 60Hz); HDMI output supporting up to 1080p60Hz HD video signal; VGA supporting maximum UXGA output.


OTV-DC20 support decoding simultaneously for 2 channels HD video up to 1080p60, with functions of self-adaptive decoding and smart control network delay. Under typical network environment, it can control decoding delay lower or equal to 200ms. Even though low code rate decoding and about 10% network package loss, OTV-DC20 could use image enhancement and fault-tolerant technology to clearly restore encoding video and audio, no obvious distortion, smear, frame loss and mosaic phenomenon of pictures with features of actual color reproduction, clear sound and high fidelity. OTV-DC20 supports H.264 encoding video with bit rate high up to 40Mbps and decoding output of AAC-LC/G.711 encoding video.


OTV-DC20 has image scaling capacity, could let after-decoding video larger/smaller converting to adapt to different output video format. Audio could be embedded in SDI and HDMI signal, then synchronously transmitting with video.


OTV-DC20 supports ONVIF device detecting discovery. OTV-DC20 provides open source SDK, supporting Windows/Linux/Unix cross-platform and programming second development to realize manage and control for equipments.

Key Features:

  • Providing HD/3G HDMI VGA DVI interface, support AES/EBU embedded audio;

  • SDI and HDMI/VGA/DVI output simultaneously or separately output different decoding contents;

  • Gigabit Ethernet connecting, USB interface can be extended for external storage device or wireless network module;

  • Support HD-SDI transmitting distance is longer or equal to 180 meters, 3G-SDI transmitting distance longer than 100 meters;

  • Support SDI/HDMI various output formats like 1080p30/25, 1080i60/50,720p60/50; HDMI/VGA supporting various common VESA standard display resolution;

  • Video scaling, frame rate conversion and image enhancement;

  • Support RTMP, RTSP, RTP unicast/multicast medial transmission protocol;

  • Input and output of analog audio could realize two-way voice intercom, analog audio with SDI and HDMI embedded audio could be transmitted synchronously;

  • Decoding delay is controlled by intelligent network, lower than 200ms in typical network environment;

  • Image enhancement and fault-tolerant technology, strong resisting error code capability, excellent picture quality, clear acoustic;

  • Provide communication protocol for software development SDK and device management control which can integrate seamlessly with the third party application platform.

Technical Specifications:




Video output              

1* HD/3G SDI,1*DVI-I (compatible with HDMI/DVI and VGA)

Analog audio input


Analog audio output



1*RJ-45, GbE Connected


1*USB 2.0 Type-A

Power supply

DC 12V, 1A (Air screw connector)

SDI Signal

SDI Signal amplitude


SDI impedance

75 ohm

SDI coupling type


Output signal types

HD-SDI(1.485G) and 3G-SDI(2.97G)

SDI timing jitter

HD SDI: ≤ 0.8UI

3G SDI: ≤ 1.7 UI

SDI alignment jitter

HD SDI: ≤ 0.2UI (10KHz)

3G SDI: ≤ 0.25UI (10KHz)

SDI transmitting distance

Belden 1694A cable standard: HD SDI ≥ 180m; 3D SDI ≥ 100m

Supported output formats

1080p60/50, 1080p/25/30, 1080i60/50, 720p60/50


Compatible standard

HDMI 1.3/DVI 1.0

HDCP encryption contents transmitting

Not support yet

Supported output formats

1080p60/50, 1080p/25/30,1080i60/50,720p60/50,compatible VESA standard format.



DVI-I (through DVI-I to VGA adaptor)

Supported output formats

1080p, 720p


Video decoding


Audio decoding

AAC-LC/G.711 (aLaw/uLaw)

Video bitrate range


Audio birate range

AAC: 8Kbps~320Kbps

G.711: 64Kbps

Decoding delay



Media transmission protocols

RTP/RTSP (compatible RTP over TCP transmission mode), RTP unicast/multicast, RTMP

Controlling transmission protocols


Network management protocols



Management interface


Remote management


Firmware upgrading


The Working Environment


3 years with free telephone support

Power Supply


Net weight


Operation temperature




Relative Humidity


Power dissipation





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