NameOTV-ED14 H.265/H.264 IPTV Media Streaming Encoder & Decoder
Product Name:OTV-ED14 H.265/H.264 IPTV Media Streaming Encoder & Decoder
Input:1HDMI, 1VGA
Output:1HDMI, 1VGA
Decoding Type:H.265 Main Profile,H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile
Protocol:CMI, SRT, Onvif, TCP, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP/Multicast
Audio Format:AAC-LC, HE-AAC,HE-AACv2
Network Port:110M/100M/1000M adaptive network interface

Product Description


OTV-ED14 H.265/H.264 IPTV Media Streaming Encoder & Decoder is DIBVIEW professional IPTV Encoder & Decoder developed based on the embedded hardware platform. This device with multiple ports 1*HDMI input port or 1*VGA input, 1 channel VGA and HDMI output. Which also support H.265, H.264 Encoding & Decoding, excellent network agility, besides that, integrated smart design of encoding and decoding, support 1 channel 1080p60 encoding and 4 channels 1080p30 decoding simultaneously, powerful functions bring it more popular for IPTV project application.  


OTV-ED14 H.265/H.264 IPTV Media Streaming Encoder & Decoder, the video and audio streams support standard TS stream format, and video codec delay is less than 200ms. Moreover, it can support 1-channel dual audio input and output, audio codec format AAC-LC,HE-AAC,HE-AACv2. For protocol, support SRT/RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/Onvif/UDP MULTICAST and other network transmission.


OTV-ED14 H.265/H.264 IPTV Media Streaming Encoder & Decoder adopts embedded operating system, which has the characteristics of stability and reliability, high real-time performance, low power consumption, flexible group network, and strong expandability. Currently, it can be widely used in variety of field such as Remote Video Conference, remote education, news interview etc.

Key Features:

  • Support H.265/H.264 encoding and decoding

  • HDMI/VGA video input, HDMI/VGA video output

  • Supports encoding of video output image (such as multi-channel video split pictures)

  • Powerful decoding capabilities, support simultaneous real-time encoding 1 channel 1080P 60fps, decoding of 4 channels of 1080P 30fps

  • HDMI output resolution supports up to 4K (3840*2160@30Hz);

  • Support SRT/HLS/RTMP/RTSP/HTTP/UDP/MULTICAST/Onvif and other mainstream network protocols

  • Video decoding output supports single-picture, picture-in-picture, quad-segment display modes

  • Support standard TS stream format audio and video stream decoding

  • Support AAC-LC, HE-AAC,HE-AACv2 audio format decoding

  • Supports URL decoding from encoding devices using URL method

  • Supports platforms to integrate devices in SDK

Technical Specifications:



Video Parameters

Input Resolution

1080P:1920*1080@60/50HZ;WUXGA:1920*1200@60HZ; UXGA:1600*1200@60HZ;SXGA:1280*1024@60HZ;720P:1280*720@60/50HZ;   XGA:1024*768@60HZ

Output Resolution

4K:3840*2160@30Hz (Only HDMI);

1080P:1920*1080@60/50HZ;WUXGA:1920*1200@60HZ; UXGA:1600*1200@60HZ;SXGA:1280*1024@60HZ;720P:1280*720@60/50HZ;   XGA:1024*768@60HZ

Decoding Ability

1CH 4K@30Hz, 4CH 1080P30

Encoding & Decoding

Decoding Type

H.265 Main Profile,H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile

Code rate & Frame rate

Support CBR/VBR, Code rate & frame rate adjustable 32Kbps~40Mbps, 1-60fps dual stream: 1 channel 1080p@60fps+1 channel 720@30fps

Decoding Ability

1CH 4K@30Hz, 4CH 1080P30

Audio Decoding


Picture Processing

Picture Split modes

1/2/3/4/5/picture-in-picture and other split display, support 4 custom split modes


Support picture original scale or adaptive window display


Support CMI, SRT, Onvif, TCP, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP/Multicast

Peripheral Interface

Video Input

1-Ch HDMI,1-Ch VGA

Video Output

1-Ch HDMI,1-Ch VGA


1 input, 1 output, 3.5mm interface (level: 2.0Vp-p, impedance: 1KΩ); support HDMI embedded audio

Network Port

1*10M/100M/1000M adaptive network interface

USB Port

1 USB port for external USB wireless devices

Low-speed Interface

1-Ch RS-232

SSD hard disk

Support built-in, support local storage and playback (optional)

The Working Environment



Gross Weight




Input Voltage

DC5.5/2.1 interface DC12V/800mA

Power Consumption

≤ 6W


Agencies, TV & Pro Radio and Sports

Organizations, Conferences and Worship

Remote Video Conference

IPTV/OTT system

Government, Education and Music

Digital Signage Project

Video Monitoring



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