NameOTV-ENC1 Mini ProVideo Streaming IPTV Encoder
Brand Name:Dibview
Model Number:OTV-ENC1 Mini
Product name:OTV-ENC1 Mini ProVideo Streaming IPTV Encoder
Video Encoding:H.264/H.265
Application:Live IPTV Streaming
USB:Yes, support

Product Description


OTV-ENC1 Mini ProVideo Streaming IPTV Encoder. It features high performance, low latency and low bit rates for IPTV/OTT systems, realized Video & Audio real-time transmission via internet, and adopts state-of-the-art compression technology of H.265 HEVC. 


OTV-ENC1 Mini ProVideo Streaming IPTV Encoder support 1 channels of 1080P H 265 video and stereo audio simultaneously, built-in self-developed full frame

rate de-interlacing technology (e.g. 1080i@60 input, after de-interlacing is 1080p@30 ).


OTV-ENC1 Mini ProVideo Streaming IPTV Encoder can be applied to education, health care, IPTV, conference, remote education, news interview, court, public security, banking, transportation and other industry application.

Key Features:

  • Audio encoding formats are AAC, MP3, PCMA, etc, Support live stream protocol HTTP, RTSP, RTMP of flow push, RTMP pull flow, UDP, Multicast network protocol etc. And the one same channel can enable all network streams at the same time.

  • Embedded hardware encoder

  • H 265,H 264 Main profile

  • Signal source resolution 1080P 30fps,720P, 1600×1200,1440×900,1366×768,1280×1024,1280×768,800×600,640×480

  • Audio output format AAC,MP3,PCMA,MPEG-2

  • Coding Resolution: 1080P 30fps,720P, 1600×1200,1440×900,1366×768,1280×1024,1280×768,800×600,640×480

  • Support CBR,VBR,AVBR

  • Highest code rate 60Mbps

  • Automatic scene change detection technology, improve the coding effect

  • Every channel is inserted with de-interlacing scanning algorithm

  • OTV-ENC1 Mini HEVC HDMI video encoder can use space pre-treatment and block filtering technology for moving scenes

  • Support a variety of common platforms such as Wowza, FMS, Youtube, Facebook, and so on

Technical Specifications:



Performance Parameter

Core performance

Main chip:Hi3516EV300

CPU: ARM Cortex-A7@900Mhz, 32KB I-Cache, 32KB D-Cache


Flash: 128MB SPI Nand Flash

Input Interface

Input interface: HDMI 1.4 Highest support 1080P@60fps


Encoding format: H.264 Baseline profile, H.264 Main profile, H.264 High profile

H.265 Main profile, MJPEG/JPEG Baseline

Decoding format: H264,MJPEG

Encoding resolution:

Main:1080P,720P,360P, Sub:720P,360P

Frame rate:1~30 Adjustable  

Multiple reference frame: stand by SmartP, DualP

Maximum bit rate: 60Mbps


Audio Parameters

Input interface: HDMI, 3.5mm Line-In.

Sampling Rate:48K, 44.1K, 32K, 16K, 8K

Encoding format: AAC, MP3, MPEG2, PMCA, PMCU

Network Parameters

Wired interface:10/100M RJ45 Network port

Wireless interface: Support USB wifi module, support USB 4G module

Transfer Protocol: RTSP, RTMP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, Unicast, multicast

ONVIF: Yes, support

Software Function

Basic skills: WEB configuration, parameter hot update, firmware upgrade, network setting, password management

The Working Environment

Voltage: DC 12V 1A

Consumption: Less than 4W

Operating temperature: 0~70℃

Dimensions: 58mm(W)*62mm(D)*16mm(H)



DTV & Professional Broadcasting Radio and Sports

Organizations, Conferences and Worship

Remote Video Conference, Internet TV

IPTV/OTT system, Live Events Streaming

Government, Education, Healthcare and Music

Digital Signage Project

Public Security Video Monitoring

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