OTV-E1 H.264 HD SDI TO NDI Streaming IPTV Video Encoder is the fastest, easiest, and best way to get video into IP workflows. It delivers the groundbreaking benefits of NDI, NewTek’s innovative Network Streaming Device Interface technology. It captures any SDI video source and convert it to IP, with embedded audio and simultaneous video loop out. In its ultra-portable enclosure. Applications of the OTV-E1 (NDI) encoder include hotel TV system, school teaching.


  • NDI Output, NDI Virtual Input

Deliver any digital video source to the network in full HD, with high-efficiency NDI output via NDI|HX and native support for resolutions up to 1080p.  Designate OTV-E1 as the video input source in popular desktop video applications like Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, and more using the free NDI Virtual Input* tool. (* NDI Virtual Input included with the free NewTek NDI Tools download.)

  • SRT supported

SRT supported to ensure secure and reliable transmission.

  • Web-Based Interface

Monitor video, manage login credentials, access recording controls, and configure audio, video, and network settings from any supported Web browser on any compatible networked device.

  • Network Visibility

Access devices connected to other networks via IP address and make them visible within your production environment using NDI Access Manager.

  • High bandwidth adaptability

Achieve low bit rate encoding and ensure high definition image quality, 1Mbps@720p, 1.5Mbps@1080p can get high quality video; Dibview advanced video buffer technology and forward error correction technology ensure video encoding delay≤67ms and no stuck; It supports up to 1080p60Hz video format, the resolution of output format can be customized.

  • Support All live broadcast platforms

Support RTMP/HLS/SRT/TS streaming media protocols for live broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, Twitch, Wowza etc; With built-in Dibview SUNSHINE streaming media server engine, 20 to 50 concurrent access simultaneously is supported; Support Onvif 1.1/2.0 easy access to security protection system /NVR system. Dual streams output supported and can be pushed to different live broadcasting platforms simultaneously, main stream encoding up to 1080p60Hz, sub stream encoding support 540p 60Hz.

  •  Strong flexibility to support secondary development

Open API programming, SDK provided for second development. Customization service is available based on client's needs.

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