(DTH) Direct To Home 

  • The Digital TV operator would use CAS to proceed scrambling the pay-tv channels

  • The terminal subscriber would use DVBS/S2 STB to receive the pay-tv channels

  • The Digital TV operator would use DTH SMS to manage and control the system.

  • By using of CAS, DTH operator can calculate and count how many subscribers he own, basing on that, then he can talk with the Ads Sponsor.



  • DIBVIEW CAS is secure and stable system.

  • DIBVIEW CAS can support over 1 million subscriber base.

  • DIBVIEW CAS is widely supported by many STBs company, so it is not difficult for DTH operator to find STBs from market.

  • DIBVIEW CAS is widely used in DTH operator, such as Thailand, Iraq, China, Indonesia, Israel, etc.

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