NameOTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder
Product Name:OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder
Input Interface:SDI
Video Loop:SDI
Encoding latency:67ms
Video encoding:H.264
Management:By Web

Product Description


OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder is a professional HD/3G-SDI H.264 ProHD Encoder. Compact size and ultra-low consumption design! This Encoder comes in 1.485G HD-SDI, 3G-SDI input, and SDI looping out. Input SDI signal through preceding image processor for image enhancement, then encoding by SOC processor for creating H.264 video encode featured with high performance and low bit rate.

OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder supports unbind audio from SDI signal, also input audio from Analog Line-in for AAC (MPEG4-Audio) stereo audio encoding or G.711 audio encoding.

OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder allows you to manage and preview video through WEB management. Easy operation and multi-languages supported for worldwide users.


OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder delivers H.264 SDI video to various platforms like live broadcasts, Youtube Live, Facebook and live broadcast audio and video encoding for Ustream, Livestream, Twitch, Meridix, Streamspot, Dacast, and more. Widely applications of the SDI encoder include hotel TV system, school teaching, live broadcasting, church streaming and etc. 

Key Features:


High integration, portable, low consumption, high performance

OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder, small size of 128mm*89mm*28mm, integrates FPGA, video co-processor and video encoding chip. It supports 10/100M self-adaptive Ethernet interface. This Encoder can support 1080p60 Full HD video encoding, meanwhile open up to 960x540@60Hz sub-stream encoding. Under typical case, overall power consumption is <=3W.


Low bit rate assuring nice image and quality audio

OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder adopts VLB (Very Low Bit Rate) H.264 video encoding technology, bonding with preceding video processor to do video dynamic noise reduction, image enhancement, etc.. Generally, 1Mbps@720p, 1.5Mbps@1080p can achieve good video encoding quality, which meet needs of low bit rate and quality image under internet applications.


Powerful streaming media protocols supported and full service function

OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder is built in SUNSHINE streaming media engine, fully support RTP/RTSP/RTMP/HLS/TS. Through protocols like RTMP/TS and other, it could push live video to many global live video platform/CDN. This encoder itself is light-weight streaming media server, which can allow 20-50 concurrent users to access simultaneously. It also supports Onvif 1.1/2.0 that can be easily connected to secure safety system/NVR system.


Easy operation and professional quality

OTTEC101 ProHD Streaming SDI Encoder allows you to use Web interface to manage device. Using and setting is very easy. It is widely used in broadcast and TV, interactive media, medical, network education, secure safety and other fields, professional and stable. 

Technical Specifications:




Video input 


Video looping out 


Analog video input 


Analog video output 


Wired network 

1*RJ-45, 10/100M self-adaptive Ethernet


1*USB  2.0 Type-A
 1*USB 2.0 Mini-USB

Micro SD 

1*Micro SD/TF Card

Video input 


Signal & Formats

SDI signal standard 


SDI impedance 

75 Ohm

SDI coupling way 


SDI signal formats 


Supported video formats 

720p50/59.94/60,576i, 480i
525i(480i) / 625i(575i)


SDI unbind audio (stereo) 
Analog Line-in/Line-out (stereo)

Video Audio Encoding

Video encoding 

H.264 AVC High profile (up to level 5.1), compatible with Main profile and Baseline

Audio encoding 

AAC/MPEG4-Audio, G.711(u-Law/a-Law) [other algorithm can be extended]

Encoding delay 


Video encoding bitrates 

256Kbps ~ 25Mbps adjustable

Audio encoding bitrates 

32Kbps~ 512Kbps: AAC 64Kbps: G.711

Transmission Protocols & Management protocols

Transmission protocols 

RTP/RTSP (compatible RTP over RTSP, RTSP HTTP Tunnel and RTSP Multicast) RTMP pushing, RTMP service, TS over UDP, HLS

Private protocol 

KMP (Media Protocol)

Control/management protocol 

Onvif 1.1/2.0
KCP (Control Protocol)
WindTalk compatible with (private) protocols

Management protocol 



Management interface


Remote management 


Online firmware updating 


The Working Environment


DC 12V 1A

Operating temperature 

-4 to 176°F / -20 to 80°C

Relative humidity 

20~90%RH (un condensation)

Power consumption 

4W Max


DC 12V 1A


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