In fast growing demand for VOD distribution and regional front-end for content distribution, DIBVIEW new product with cost-effective, reliable, flexible comprehensive video delivery content solution 48 in 1 IP Edge QAM RF Modulator was born. It helps pay-TV operators flexibly deploy and deliver the content. It integrated powerful functions with Mux, scrambling, modulating all-in-one device. Professional serve for your digital tv system.


This Edge QAM RF modulator has 48 multiplexing channels, 12 scrambling channels and 48 IP Edge QAM (DVB-C) modulating channels, meantime, it supports maximum 1536 IP input through the 3 GE ports and 48 non-adjacent carriers (50MHz~960MHz) output through the RF output interface. It is easy convenient to be managed by web NMS. The device is characterized with dual RF output ports which broaden the bandwidth for QAM carriers. It is ideal application for mass live TV transmission and VOD

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