What is SRT protocol?


SRT is an Internet transport protocol initiated by the SRT Alliance jointly created by Haivision and Wowza. It is an open source, free and flexible application specification. Its performance is as good as a proprietary protocol and can be used between different manufacturers' products.


SRT is a very popular open source low latency video transmission protocol. Using SRT reliable transmission technology, it can successfully realize high-definition video transmission and distribution between the Internet and the Internet in a common Internet environment.


SRT protocol features:


Low latency

SRT is a network transmission technology that can transmit data streams in real-time and accurately under complex network environment. It uses UDP protocol at the transport layer, and has the characteristics of fast UDP and low overhead. It supports point-to-point transmission without intermediate server relay. Low-latency Internet transmissions from a few milliseconds to a few seconds can be achieved.


Safe and reliable

Although the UDP protocol is an unreliable transmission protocol, it is unstable in the network environment of Internet jitter and packet loss. However, with the powerful data recovery capability of SRT, forward error correction technology (FEC) applications, etc., the network can be lost. The possibility is minimized to ensure SRT transmission stability. At the same time, the SRT can also perform AES encryption to ensure the information security of the data during transmission.


In addition, for companies or organizations that use firewalls to protect private network security, the handshake process used by SRT supports outbound connections without the need to open dangerous permanent external ports in the firewall, thus maintaining the company's security policy.


SRT allows you to establish a connection directly between the source and the target. It has the advantages of security, stability, low latency and low network overhead. It is a good choice for Internet transmission. Dibview ProHD Streaming Media Encoder, ProHD Streaming Media Decoder, ProHD Streaming Media Gateway, all support SRT protocol, which solves the problem of high latency and instability of Internet transmission, and welcomes you to consult and purchase.

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