OTV-HCE900TS 8-Channel HDMI Hashcode Encoder can realize 8-channel HDMI collection, real-time HD encoding and RTMP forwarding. Compared with current mainstream coding machine solution, its coding efficiency increased by 50%, power consumption drop 65%, 80% reduction in volume. It is an innovative network HD broadcast Encoder machine.

Using a more advanced statistical multiplexing algorithm (STATMUX), the bit rate can be reduced by 50% or more while the picture quality is guaranteed. When using the IP signal, the original VBR can now set the maximum bit rate, abbreviated as IBR. This ensures the upstream bandwidth.

OTV-HCE900TS 8-Channel HDMI Hashcode Encoder is highly integrated hardware and software. It is convenience for customers release RTMP streams into IPTV streaming media server.

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