OTV-IPT1 IPTV Streaming Video Transcoder is a professional high-definition audio and video transcoding device, which can realize single-channel IP streaming protocol/format/resolution conversion(Support B frame transcoding), supports up to 4k IP signal input, and supports 1 channel IP streaming media output. Rich streaming media video and audio formats are compatible, enabling fast hardware-based transcoding. It has a rich API interface and good compatibility. It can also communicate with PC version software terminals, Android and IOS system mobile clients to meet the needs of cross-brand, cross-terminal, and cross-platform video. It is suitable for multi-party audio and video interactive scenes in medical treatment, education, and finance.

OTV-IPT1 IPTV Streaming Video Transcoder integrated encoding and decoding at the same time, and supports simultaneous decoding of 4 IP streams to synthesize 4 split screen images and output them into 1 IP stream for transcoding. The interface design is simple and friendly, lightweight and portable.

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