NameOTV-4KHS H.265 UHD 4K 60fps HDMI SDI Encoder
Product name:UHD Streaming 4K H.265 Video IPTV Encoder
Input:1channel HDMI,1channel 12G-SDI
Video Compression:H.265/HEVC main profile, H.264/AVC baseline/main/hig
Resolution:Up to 4K 60fps
Application:Remote Video Conference

Product Description


OTV-4KHS H.265 UHD 4K 60fps HDMI SDI Video Streaming Encoder are designed to meet the increasing demand for high quality 

video delivery to Internet and all kinds of terminal devices, features high performance, low latency and low bit rates for IPTV/OTT

 headend systems, to get video audio real-time transmission by web, and adopts state-of-the-art compression technology of H.265/HEVC,

 the successor codec compared to H.264, which can compress video twice as efficiently as the previous standard H.264, makes its resolution 

to be up to 4K 60fps high image quality with extreme lower bitrate, further efficiently save the cost of bandwidth.

OTV-4KHS H.265 UHD 4K 60fps HDMI SDI Video Streaming Encoder support 1*HDMI input, 1*SDI Input, it can also output 2 channels 

TS over IP in H.265 HEVC format with multi-screen multi-protocol, multi-resolution to meet the increasing demand for high quality video 

delivery to Internet and all kinds of terminal devices. It’s become more and more popular to head-end IPTV & OTT systems, Hotel, 

Hospitality & Health Clubs,Remote live Rebroadcasts and real-time transmission, Digital Signage Project, OTV-4KHS Encoder works with 

SRT/HTTP/HLS/FLV/RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS/UDP/RTP (Unicast/Multicast) Stream Protocols and ONVIF. Also, the OTV-4KHS Encoder works

 with online live broadcast platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, Twitter, etc.

Key Features:

  • Video Input: 1*channel HDMI input,1*channel 12G-SDI Input, encoding at the same time.

  • Video resolution up to Full UHD 4K@60fps

  • Capable of Real-time Recording locally or external storage by USB port/SD Card.

  • Output 2 groups IP streams with different resolution, bitrate and protocol

  • Video compression: HEVC Main(Default)/HEVC Main Intra/HEVC Main 10 Intra/H.264

  • Audio compression: AAC/AAC+/AAC++/MP3/MP2/AC3/Opus

  • Video bitrate Control: CBR/VBR 16Kbps ~ 32Mbps

  • Support Text/image OSD, image overlay

  • Support automatically obtain IP (DHCP), support One-key recovery, upgrade and remote maintenance

  • Image settings: contrast ratio, brightness, tones, saturation, noise detection, sharpness, filtering

  • Support build-in or external audio input, support left and right sound channel, Support audio gain, turn volume individually

  • Take effect immediately when applied the settings, no need to restart.

  • Configurable of Multi-bitrate, Multi-resolution, Multi-protocol

  • Providing SRT, HLS, RTSP, HTTP, UDP and RTMPs protocol

  • Compatible with ONVIF Network Video Protocol

  • Any IOS browsers (iphone, ipad, MacBook etc) are able to have streams from IPTV Streaming Encoder in Anytime,

  • Anywhere by HLS protocol without install any software players.

  • Any terminal devices/decoders are able to have streams from IPTV Streaming Encoder directly by RTMPs protocol with software players(such as VLC).

  • System supports WINDOWS XP/VISTA/SERVER2003/SERVER2008/WIN7 32 and WIN7 64, LINUX

  • Support Microsoft standard flow driven architecture (WDM architecture), support Microsoft WMENCODER,compatible with Windows VFW software architecture and WDM mode

  • Web-based management

Technical Specifications:



Audio and video interface

Video input: 1CH HDMI +1 CH SDI

Audio input: 1*HDMI built-in audio, 1*SDI built-in audio, 2 analog external audio

Video input

Maximum resolution: 4096x2160@60 (backward compatible)

Color space: HDR1010bit

Video Encoding

Encoding type: H.265

Maximum encoding capacity: SDI and HDMI can be input and encoded at the same time, one channel is 4K60+another

channel 1080P60

Encoding format: 4.2.0 8bit/4.2.2 8bit/4.0.0 8bit/4.2.0 10bit/4.2.2 8bit/4.0.0 8bit

Encoding Profile: HEVC Main(Default)/HEVC Main Intra/HEVC Main 10 Intra/HEVC Main Still Picture/ HEVC Main 12/ HEVC 

Main 4:2:2 Intra/HEVC Main 4:2:2 10/ HEVC Main 4:2:2 10 Intra/ HEVC Main4:2:2 12/HEVC Main 4:4:4/ HEVC Main 4:4:4 Intra/ 

HEVC Main 4:4:410/HEVC Main 4:4:4 10 Intra/ HEVC Main 4:4:4 Still Picture

Encoding type: H.264

Encoding format:4.2.0 8bit/4.2.2 8bit/4.2.0 10bit/4.2.2 8bit

Encoding Profile: AVC Constrained Baseline/ AVC Baseline/ AVC Main/AVC Constrained High/ AVC Progressive High/ AVC
High(Default)/AVC High 10/ AVC High 10 Intra/ AVC High 4:2:2/ AVC
High 4:2:2 Intra/Sony XAVC High 10 Intra CBG/ Sony XAVC High 10 Intra VBR/ Sony
XAVC Main/ Sony XAVC High/ Sony XAVC High 4:2:2

Other Codes:

Encoding frame rate: the same as the input frame rate / automatic / custom frame rate 5-60 adjustable

Key frame interval (frame): 5-300 adjustable

Bit rate (kbit): 32-64000 adjustable

Image quality range: high/high~high/medium~high/low~high/low~high



input resolution

Stream Control: cbr/vbr/strong vbr

Streaming: Support RTMP/RTSP/ RTSP(S)/HTTP TS/HTTP FLV/HLS/SRT/UDP multicast/RTP multicast

Recording Capability

Storage: USB3.0 U disk / SD card in NTFS/EXFAT/FAT32format

View: SMB/CIFS file share (it can be copied to browser to open):

Audio Encoding

Audio Input:Auto/HDMI/SDI/Analog 1/Analog 2

Encoding sample rate: 44100/48000/same as input sample rate

Encoding method:AAC/AAC+/AAC++/MP3/MP2/AC3/Opus

Encoding bit rate: AAC:48000~320000/AAC+:24000~48000/AAC++:12000~32000/MP3:64000~320000/
MP2: 64000~320000/ AC3:40000~640000/Opus:8000~256000

Left and right channels: L+R/L/R

Digital volume gain: -50~50

Noise Reduction:Disable/Enable

PTE stream usage, G711 encoding: disable/enable

File format: Ts format


Display area: Area 1/ Area 2/Area 3

Transparency: 0-255


X coordinate: 0-1920

Y coordinate: 0-1080

LOGO: 4 LOGO can be uploaded for selection

Font size: 8-72

Background color: transparent/white/black

Font color: RGB color


Configuration Interface: web-based UI

Upgraded: via network

Connector: RJ45, 1000M Ethernet interface.

ONVIF: Support ONVIF to find and browse videos

The Working

Power Supply

DC 12V~3A


Less than 15W


0 -50°C




200mm x43mm x105mm




Agencies, TV & Pro Radio and Sports

Organizations, Conferences and Worship

Remote Video Conference

IPTV/OTT system

Government, Education and Music

Digital Signage Project

Video Monitoring


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